Best MIG Welders Under $300 To Buy In 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green
Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green
  • EASY TO USE-140 FC-I MIG machine uses 0.30, flux core wire. 
  • POWERFUL- Up to 140 Amp output that allows you to weld mild steel up to 1/4 in plate
  • PORTABLE WELDER- Lightweight 19 lbs. easily carried to any Do-It-Yourself
Lincoln Electric 90 Amp FC90 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder and Gun, 120V
Lincoln Electric 90 Amp FC90 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder and Gun, 120V
  • Lightweight and portable – ideal for maintenance and mobile welders
  • 30% duty cycle at 80 Amp
  • Infinite welding voltage to allow fine-tuning of weld characteristics
  • 30-90 Amp range
Spool Gun, 150 A, 10 ft, 60 percent
Spool Gun, 150 A, 10 ft, 60 percent
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Country of Manifacturer: China
  • Manufacturer: Hobart
  • Spool Gun, Wire Size (In.) 0.023-.035
  • Cable Length (Ft.) 10
  • Duty Cycle ( Percent) 60
  • Capable of handling 4-Inch spools of wire

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Affordable mig welders are hard to find. In our extensive research, we found that you can get many good products for less than $300.00. We reviewed hundreds of MIG welding machines from reputable manufacturers like Forney, Lincoln Electric, Hobart, Tweco, and Flameweld, and compiled a list of the 10 best MIG welding machines under $300.

Due to its excellent performance and affordable price, the top product Forney MIG Welder is highly recommended for its value for money, popularity, and usage experience.

Best MIG Welders Under $300 – Reviews

Here is a list of the Best MIG welders under $300

1. Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder

Best MIG Welders Under $300

The WeldPro 155 Amp is one of the few MIG welders under $300 that can operate on both 110V and 220V, and this versatility makes it a completely portable welder.

The welding range of the instrument is 30 to 155 amps, so it can comfortably weld mild steel up to 1/4″. It weighs approximately 21.2 pounds. The dimensions are 15″ x 13.6″ x 6.7″.

Unlike cheaper welders, this one does not use taps to control wire feeds. It can do professional arc welds at feed rates of up to 472″ per minute.

We can weld for longer intervals due to the IGBT inverter technology and overheat and overcurrent protection. It also comes with a 2T/4T switch that is highly suitable for welding where the position is not suitable.

The electromagnetic technology prevents any noise from coming from the system. There are three MIG torch adjustments: 6.5ft, 10ft and 10ft, all of which can adapt flux-cored wire up to 0.030″.

The list’s top pick is this one.

  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Two power input options: 110 volts and 220 volts
  • Technology for IGBT inverters
  • Two-port, four-port switch
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • There have been some reports of defects from users

2. Forney Easy Weld 261Budget Friendly

Best MIG Welders Under $300

The gasless flux core welder can prove to be the ideal choice for a man who likes to create amazing things and loves to take care of the home, farm, and repair projects on his or her own during leisure time. Even though it is designed for entry-level welders, it can weld 24 gauge to 1/4″ thick metal plates.

Using 120 Volts on input and 125 Amps on output, the Easy Weld 299 125 FC from Forney produces a highly efficient and reliable weld. This machine can weld steel plates up to 1/8″ thick and weighs 2 pounds.

A welder weighs 51 lbs and is 12 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches in size. The ground clamp is 6ft long, and the MIG gun is also 6ft long. For the finest beads, the company recommends using a 0.030″ wire.

Unlike many other welders on the market, this one is extremely easy to use and effective for anyone learning to weld or even just interested in welding as a hobby.

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  • Input voltage: 120 V
  • The value of your money
  • Core-only for Flux
  • Warranty of six months

3. Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder Welding Machine

Best MIG Welders Under $300

Welders of smaller sizes often fail to produce good-quality welds, and it isn’t easy to find a lightweight welding machine that is reliable and efficient.

Among that lightweight, portable welders of high quality are the Super Deal Pro MIG 130. Welds of commercial quality can be made with this welder.

PVC is used for making the outer casing of the welder. The cabinet measures 20.2-inch by 15-inch by 12.5-inch and weighs 38.1 pounds. It is possible to lay smooth beads with the metal tip gun and the four levels of current flow adjustment.

A waveform control technology combined with an adjustable inductor reduces spatter and provides good performance, allowing the welder to be easily adjusted to different welding requirements.

All you need to do is plug your 110 V outlet into the welding station. There is a current range of 50-120 Amps and a duty cycle of 10% at 105 Amps, increasing to 35% at 60 Amps.

Because it provides excellent quality welds at a very low cost, it is a very good option for beginners and hobbyists. Included in the package is a face mask, brush, and chipping hammer.

  • Price is low
  • 110-volt input
  • Price-to-value is good
  • For a long time, not suitable for welding
  • Unsightly instruction manual


Best MIG Welders Under $300

Hobbyists can assemble simple and easy-to-handle MIG welders using the VIVOHOME MIG 130. Weld pools are protected from oxidation with flux-cored wire and self-releasing metal inert gas.

This model operates at 110 V, which makes it suitable both for home and farm repairs. Featuring a 50-120 Amp output range and a 15% duty cycle at 105 Amps, it has a capacity of 50. Stainless steel and mild steel thin plates can be welded with it. The fact that this welder offers four different current flow settings makes it quite easy to weld.

Approximately 37.3 pounds in weight. The overall dimensions are 20.5″ x 15.2″ x 12.4″, and the top has a handle so that it can be easily transported. Wire feed speeds can be controlled with a variable dial, so it is excellent for welding thin metal sheets.

Included are accessories such as a MIG gun, a ground clamp, a helmet, and a wire brush.

  • Ten levels of welding speed
  • Input voltage of 110 V
  • The case made of stainless steel
  • Mask is almost useless


Best MIG Welders Under $300

SUNGOLD POWER MIG 150 A is a great choice if you are a beginner looking for a welder that will produce great results and also have a simple learning curve. Despite the name, it is a gasless welder that can use flux-cored wire measuring 0.030″ to 0.035″. Besides that, you get full ON/OFF safety, an adjustable MIG torch with ten speeds, and automatic thermal safety protection.

Furthermore, the cord is long enough so that you can move around without worrying about the plug. A power output of 80-150 amps is possible by setting the voltage of the receptacle to 110 volts, 60 Hz. It weighs 39.5 pounds. It is a portable machine even though it is quite large.

A good portion of the cord is long enough to permit you to move the welder around comfortably without worrying about the plug. The plug cable measures 78.7″, the welding torch measures 74.8″, and the earth clamp cable measures 59″.

1 lb. of products are included in this package. The supplies include flux-cored wire, a mask, brush, chipping hammer, and some contact tips. Mild steel, iron, aluminium, and other metals can be welded with this machine.

  • Beginners will find it easy to learn
  • Input voltage of 110 V
  • Budget-friendly
  • Duties are relatively low
  • The price is a bit high when compared to similar products.


Best MIG Welders Under $300

The MIG welder in this model is durable and highly reliable and has good performance in rough and outdoor environments.

It can handle both gas-shielded MIG welding and gasless flux-cored welding and has dual voltage inputs of 110 V and 220 V. The welding wire is available in thickening ranges from 0.023″ to  0.039″. With a current range of 50-120 Amps at 110 V and 50-140 Amps at 220 V and a duty cycle of 60%, it can weld materials with high quality.

With the MIG 140, the wire feed speed can be controlled, along with the welding current. It can hold between two and four pounds. The weights are 10 lb. The wire is held on spools. Thus, a wide range of applications and different thicknesses can be accomplished with it.

Thanks to its IGBT inverter and full-bridge circuit board, its reliability is excellent. Overheat protection is included as well as fan-cooling. Because the frequency of the working motor is higher than the audible range, there is no noise pollution.

A weight of 22.8 lbs., its dimensions are 16.3″ x 8″ x 10.6″. Included in the package are a 78.7-inch MIG torch and a 59-inch cable with earth clamp, as well as a sample of flux-cored wire, a mask, and a  brush.

The materials that can be welded are stainless steel, mild steel, and other metallic materials.

  • 110/220 V input
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • A full-bridge circuit board
  • 60% duty cycle
  • Bad user manual

7. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

Best MIG Welders Under $300

With the SUNCOO MIG 130, you can easily and safely weld metal in a gas-less environment. The MIG 130 is an ideal welder to use at home, in DIY, and for general repair work. The welder is ready to use right out of the box and can be used on normal thin steel and iron.

This item can be used at home, in the yard, and on your farm thanks to its 110 V input and 15% duty cycle. Welder with dimensions of 13.4″, 7.2″ and 11.4″.

Even novices can easily weld a wire feed speed control of ten positions and current flow control of four parts. There’s an additional trunk space on top of the welder for accessories.

There are two cooling vents on the body of this welder, which is beneficial for heat dissipation.

  • Extra storage space
  • Two air vents for heat dissipation
  • Manual lacks the diagram for setup

8. Goplus MIG 130 Welder

8. Goplus MIG 130 Welder

For instance, if a customer is looking for the least expensive MIG welder, then the Goplus MIG 130 Flux core wire automatic feed welding machine is a great choice because it provides 3.6 KVA of power and was built to handle a thin body like a car.

For better performance, this welder usually uses the gasless flux modeling process. In this process, tubular wires are used, which are then filled with flux. Welding helmets like this can’t compete against argon or CO2 for the fire to come from.

To cut this story short, we must explain that the chosen machine can be used throughout the year since no gas cylinders are needed. The electrodes are made from a metal surrounding with an alloying core and a flux core inside.

  • Steel is a key component of this product’s durability
  • Instructions should be simple and easy to understand
  • Non-electrification plastic handle
  • Two air vents lower the temperature
  • An affordable price.
  • Easy to trip the breakers
  • Warranty disclaimed

Picked Infographic Reviews:

Best MIG Welders under 300 – Buying Guide

Defining a Mig welder is essential before we can learn what factors we have to consider when choosing the best MIG welder under 300.

Best MIG Welders under 300 - Buying Guide

What Is MIG Welder?

The first thing we need to understand is arc welding. Arc welding is a process by which a high amount of electricity generates heat to weld materials. A welder can be classified into three types: MIG, TIG, and stick.

In the example above, they differ not in how much energy they consume or how they use it but rather in how they shield the gas. Shielding gas is released from a welding tank when the tank’s gas flux is removed.

During welding with MIG, the tank contains a gas mixture known as Metal Inert Gas (MIG). A metal cover over the welder indicates that it is not reactive to gas. Additionally, the MIG does not introduce any contaminants into the welding process.

MIG welding has become a common form of welding because it allows the welding of various materials. This device uses shielding gases or gasless flux cores as shielding.

Welding can be a satisfying profession for many people, so if you are looking for a new welder, then you have come to the right place.

Knowing your welding requirements is the most important consideration when buying a MIG welder. The welding machines that cost less than $300 are designed exclusively for gasless flux core welding, and they do not support gas cylinder operation.

If you’re having trouble deciding which MIG welder is right for you, the following buying guide can help. Specifically written for your welding endeavours, this information provides you with all the details so you can choose the right new MIG welder for the job.

Input voltage

Several low-cost welding machines can be operated by 110 V power supplies, making them suitable for use at home, in yard farms, or anywhere 110 V power is available.

For those considering welding as a career or those who must perform maintenance on the job site, though, you should consider finding a welder that supports 220 V input. The 220 V input allows thicker materials to be welded than 115 V input.

It is essential to install an input socket of 110/220 V at the job site, as needed.

The 110V MIG welder can handle all kinds of hobby and repair tasks and home improvement projects, and light maintenance.

Output Power

A MIG welder is generally classified according to the number of amps it produces per duty cycle.

Higher amps characterize powerful welders. Welders that have high power production are generally those with high amperage.

Duty Cycle

MIG welders can do normal welding during the duty cycle of 10 minutes without heating the work piece.

The duty cycle is the most important factor to take into consideration when welding thick materials. MIG arc welders with a higher duty cycle can weld thicker materials for a longer period.

Spool Gun

Aluminum can be welded using a spool gun, so you should contact a welder who has one. A spool gun cannot be connected to most hobbyist welders. For those who want to improve their welding skills and do all sorts of stuff, a spool gun can be hooked up by a welder for a little extra.

Size and Weight

Portability is directly influenced by the size and weight of a welder. Weight is an important factor in the portability of the machine. If you are looking for a small MIG welder, it would be best to research the quality of the build and the type of material used to construct the welder before buying. A cheap welder can be lightweight because it has been built with low-quality materials.

Length of Leads

One of the largest factors that determine the portability of a welder is the length of the cable between the MIG gun and the grounding clamp. Choosing a welder with longer cables will allow you to move it less frequently, especially if your job requires more movement.

Additionally, when purchasing a MIG welder, consider the thickness of the metal to be welded and the warranty offered by the company. Longer warranties typically result in longer machine life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MIG Welder

It is important to determine your requirements and use purposes before deciding whether a machine is suitable for your needs. Here are some of the benefits of using a MIG welder:

Advantages and Disadvantages of MIG Welder

Time-saving and high productivity

Among welding professionals, MIG welding is well-known for its high quality. Users can weld continuously and frequently without constantly hanging rods. In addition to saving time, brushing the weld would be unnecessary since MIG welders need only a minimal amount of cleaning.

A further advantage of using additional feed wire is that both hands will be free during operation. Its use enables you to perform high-quality welding in a shorter period and significantly speeds up the process.

Easy to use

MIG welders always contain this benefit. After unboxing the manufacturer’s instruction manual, it takes you a few hours to get to know the welder.

Efficiency guaranteed

As metal is passed through the arc, the shielding gas is generated to minimize the loss of elements. When welding is performed, all debris is removed from the arc, and the arc is protected. Additionally, this process can be sped up and simplified with auto-feed wires on MIG welders.

It is undeniable that the advantages of a MIG welder are commendable, but it has its weaknesses, too. Following is a list of some of its cons:

High market price and low portability

The primary construction machine is about twice as expensive. In addition, welding jobs need to be performed from a fixed position since portability must be sacrificed.

Not applicable for outdoor tasks

It is common for the wind to harm the shielding gas and the welding quality outdoors using a welder. Welders for MIG welding are more efficient for the work performed in a  workshop or garage.

Hard to handle thick material

It is impossible to weld thick steel with this tool because the heat cannot penetrate through the material.

How to choose the best MIG welder?

MIG welders are available in a variety of models. It is important to understand that every product has different functions specific to each type of user.

The majority of customers are concerned that they may purchase a welding machine whose power is less than their work’s requirements. Nevertheless, if you are a smart buyer, you must avoid buying a welder that is overly powerful to avoid wasting money.

Depending on how the buyer sees it, a welder is a complex system serving different purposes. When looking for a new MIG welder, you should keep these things in mind.

What is your primary power requirement?

We offer a basic MIG welder that runs on 115 volts and can handle almost any thin material for household work. To obtain more power and, of course, a higher price, you will need a more powerful MIG welder for thicker metals.

Integrated MIG welders are a great option for construction work that involves a wide range of projects. High voltage (230V) and low voltage (120V) levels are both supported. A combination unit, though powerful and productive, cannot compete with a heavy-duty one.

Is the material thickness necessary to consider?

A welder’s minimum voltage depends on the thickness of the material to be welded. MIG welders that lack different power settings or cannot adjust the voltage would not be purchased.

Before you buy a MIG welder, make sure you know the voltage details. There are current models of digitalised MIG welders available. With Auto Thickness & Voltage, you can set the current and voltage automatically to meet your needs.

Check the portability of the welder

Consider portability as your first consideration if you are forced to move around due to your work position. Whether a mobile MIG welder or a permanent one would be more appropriate for your job should be clarified.

The weight is the first thing to look at. Mobile welders should be lightweight so they can be lifted easily. Be sure also to take note of the welder’s size and design. For it to be easily moved around a workshop, its design should be neat, and its size should be average so it won’t bump into other equipment while driving.

Does a spool gun need to be purchased?

The wire gets stuck in the MIG torch when it comes to welding aluminum. With a spool gun attached to the torch, you can place the wire far from the torch and end wire jamming problems.

How to reduce fuel expenses?

In the case of flux-cored wire, the shielding gas can become a huge expense if you choose not to use it. Investment in a shielded gas regulator would be the best course of action. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fuel you’ll save and how much time you’ll save as well.

What should the manufacturer equip the MIG welder for working protection?

It is easy to estimate how many minutes you can operate the machine before cooling it down using the welder’s cycle. You can work longer if the duty cycle is higher. Overheating and subsequent breakdown of a welder could occur if you force it for too long.

Even so, not everybody will consider the excessive generating time. Thus, you should make sure you pick a welder that has thermal overload protection so that you can avoid the overheating problem.

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