Best Welding Ground Clamp – Reviews and Top Picks

US Forge Welding Heavy Duty Bronze Ground Clamp 300 Amps
  • Wide grooved jaws for positive grounding
  • For heavy-duty use
  • Oval-point screw cable connections make installation easy
  • Item Package Dimension: 7.25″ L x 3.0″ W x 1.5″ H
Hobart 770031 400-Amp T-Style Ground Clamp Brass
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 770031
  • Item Package Dimension: 8.4″ L x 4.5″ W x 1.3″ H
  • Item Package Weight: 1.3 lb
Lincoln Electric 300 Amp Grounding Work Clamp
  • Completes electrical circuits for a positive welding arc
  • Features wide grip jaws to ensure a firm connection
  • Grounds work to be welded to a good electrical ground earth
  • Model Number: KH525

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Good welding requires a solid electrical circuit that runs through the workpiece

Alongside operator skills, The main reason for poor welding is poor ground.

Even the most experienced and skilled welders will face issues if they don’t have solid ground.

It is not a good idea to have weak penetration, porous slag joints, or unbalanced beads.

Many of the most reputable marketplace names cut costs by using low-cost ground clamps.

Luckily, ground clamps aren’t expensive, and they’re simple to replace.

Best Welding Ground Clamp With Reviews

Here’s a listing of the most effective welding ground clamps that we’ve found in the marketplace:

US Forge Welding Heavy Duty Bronze Ground Clamp 300 Amps


  • 300 amp rating
  • Bronze material
  • Oval-point set screw
  • Very large cable diameter
  • The bottom jaw has Contact points: 55


This is a strong bronze alloy clamp with a rating of 300 amps. This should suffice to cover the majority of welding requirements. 200 amps are sufficient to welding 1/2-inch steel, which means the clamp is designed to work with larger plates. 

Its US Forge Heavy Duty Bronze Ground clamp is made with a cable connector screw to ensure secure contact and a positive connection to the grounded cable. It utilizes a large No. 1 ground cable to ensure maximum conductivity. This clamp has broad, heavily cleated jaws that provide a great hold on your grounding area.

Welders highly appreciate its US Forge Heavy Duty Bronze Ground clamp due to its strong construction and sturdy, robust construction. It is robustly constructed for use and long-lasting. Jaws feature a large contact patch. The force of this spring is sure to provide a solid grip on the workpiece.

To ensure your safety, you must have an excellent connection to your ground clamp. Many customers complained that the spring in the US Forge Heavy Duty Bronze Ground Clamp isn’t stiff enough. This can be a problem in an injury or are small-statured.

  • Strong spring
  • Jaws that are wide and grooved
  • Extremely stiff
  • Bronze alloy
  • Construction with heavy duty
  • The spring is too stiff for certain hands.
  • A bit expensive


Hobart 770031 400-Amp T-Style Ground Clamp Brass


  • 400 amp capacity
  • Brass construction
  • Design with heavy duty
  • Stabilizer for cable
  • Large set screw


This Hobart T-Style Ground Clamp is a high top-quality, professional-grade piece precisely what you’d expect from the Hobart brand. It’s made of solid brass and has the top rating in this roundup, at 400 amps. This is higher than the average welding jobs, except for professional pipe layering, shipbuilders, etc.

Some users complained of the jaws not aligning properly, which could impact its gripping force. Because it’s constructed of brass, Hobart’s T-Shape Ground Clamp is quite soft and is susceptible to being bent out of alignment due to excessive treatment or storage.

On the other hand, it’s fairly straightforward to straighten out also. High current ratings mean lower operating temperatures. If a ground clamp is equipped with an extremely stiff spring, like that one above, it’s useful to ensure that the clamp isn’t getting too hot to grasp with force.

The Hobart T-Style Ground Clamp has several reports of casting imperfections within the contact area of jaws. Sometimes, the cleated lugs on the jaws may have seams or casting flashes that may require filing or ground away to give maximum contact with the jaws.

  • Very rigid spring
  • 1-1/2 inch opening
  • The No. 1 cable is taken
  • Rugged replacement
  • Casting instead of stamping
  • A few alignment problems with alignment
  • Inconsistent contact patch


Lincoln Electric 300 Amp Grounding Work Clamp - Model# KH525, Original Version


Cost-effective solution
300 amp capacity
Heavy lug bolts
Copper hardware
Wide circuit braid


One of the things users frequently mention about the Lincoln Electric KH525 300 amp grounding clamp is that it’s huge. Also, they say that it’s with a stiff spring, which is hard to hold for people with small fingers or carpal tunnel conditions. 

With a name such as Lincoln generally, you can anticipate tools that will do the job with ease. This clamp isn’t an exception constructed of nickel-plated steel and copper-plated, replaceable hardware.

The KH525 from Lincoln Electric has a one-year guarantee, which is uncommon in other clamps. This is a top-quality item for a clamp of this price bracket and has very well-designed contact cleats that fit jaws. 

It can accommodate cable sizes ranging starting at No. 2 up to a big No. zero, but it needs more support for the cable. Some homeowners employ a zip tie mechanical wire or a hose clamp to secure the cable in place in the clamp’s grip.

The benefit of such an enormous clamp is that Lincoln Electric’s KH525 can open to 1-3/4 inches, which allows users to attach it to things that are difficult to ground, such as axle housings, bolts with large diameters, or suspension parts.

  • Replaceable contacts
  • Excellent warranty
  • Takes No. 2 cabling
  • Precision design
  • Large opening
  • Cable support is needed.
  • Copper hardware is covered with a plating


Forney 54410 Welding Ground Clamp, 300-Amp, 8-Inch, Silver


  • Steel with nickel plating
  • At 300 Amps.
  • The jaw is opened 1-3/4 inches
  • Copper contact points
  • Accepts No. 2 cable


Forney 54410 300 Amp steel ground clamp Forney 54410 300 amp ground clamp made of steel is a sturdy and cost-effective ground clamp that can be used for maintenance in shops and fieldwork. 

Positive connections that are strong and reliable to conductivity. This is suitable for all shop and farm welding.

Forney Industries is one of the longest-running family-owned and operated metalworking companies. It was founded in 1932.

Forney provides more than 5 000 items for the automotive, hardware, and farm and ranch Do-it-yourself market.

8-Inch (203.2 millimeters) long and 1 3/4 inch (44.4 millimeters) broad jaw opening. Allows for all up to no.2 welding cables. Warranty claims are due within 90 days from the time of purchase. Proof of purchase is must be provided.

This warranty doesn’t cover any item that has been the victim of negligence, misuse, neglect, or accident was employed in a manner against the purpose for which it was intended.

  • Stiff spring grips well.
  • Contacts are used to secure the workpiece
  • Double nuts lug connector
  • Inexpensive
  • High-end
  • There is no cable brace
  • Not suitable for use in professional settings.
KINGQ T-style Welding Ground Clamp 300-Amp, Brass


  • 2-inch capacity
  • 300-amp rating
  • Brass construction
  • Cleated surface for clamping
  • 8 inches long


The KingQ Welding Ground Clamp is a 300 amp piece made in bronze. Although it’s heavy-duty and solid, there have been reports of the clamp falling to pieces in the center of the clamp. 

The jaws of this clamp can be opened to a huge 2 inches. It’s designed to work with the No. two cables. This is rather large for a bolt-style attachment lug.

The clamp has a good amount of reach and an excellent opening; however, some users complain about a tiny contact area that appears on the KingQ Welding Ground Clamp when it is clamped to work. 

This is due to the design that the clamp has. Although it has an extremely strong, rigid clamping force, the tiny contact area restricts its use in a way.

We believe you can find better clamps available on this list at this price point. If you’re in a pinch, but it’s the only clamp that you have to hand, it’s strong enough to be able to handle businesses, but this KingQ welding Ground Clamp isn’t recommended for large volumes in a professional setting. If you’re planning a DIY project at your home, it can suffice for use occasions.

  • Inexpensive
  • Strong clamp
  • Long jaws
  • Large No . 1 cable
  • A strong attachment Lug
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Small contact patch

Best Welding Ground Clamp Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Ground Clamp Used for in Welding?

Ground clamps are an integral component of the welding process. In addition to being a standard safety procedure for welders, they are also a great way to improve the efficiency of your work. Welders employ these clamps to connect the workpiece to the ground to ensure that all flow of electricity flows through it. The primary goal is –

  1. Forging an entire circuit
  2. Reducing resistance to electrical current
  3. Reduced loss of heat and energy to ensure consistent welding
  4. Implementing a simple and efficient process to guarantee a superior final product

Not only can they improve their quality welding and improve the quality of your welding, but they also are a major factor in grounded electrical circuits in addition. 

In the process of the type of grounding process, you’re ensuring that your welder and the earth share similar potential. Are you wondering what damage a different potential could do? Well, electrocution!

Many factors play a role when welding with a ground clamp. You’ll need to attach the clamp either to your work directly or through some conductor, such as the work table. The clamps are components of a larger circuit. Thus, they are equipped to handle a load of a sufficient current without heating.

What Happens if You Don’t Ground a Welder?

Every welder has encountered the same question at the very least, at least once in their life is it possible to work without grounding?’ In most cases, you won’t (other exceptions). 

However, even if it is possible, you’ll be putting at risk yourself and your family’s safety with a large amount. Not only your own but also your friends and family members.

Alongside the dangers of welding, Unstable welders could also cause damage to your valuable tools. Imagine buying the latest welding set because you didn’t attach a metal clip to your work! Certain circumstances could cause you to lose the work you’ve spent hours working on.

If you don’t take care of the grounding component, you’re likely unaware of charge neutrality. Likely, the circuit you’re using isn’t complete. 

It’s a sign that your spark won’t function at all. If you’re not well-insulated yourself, it will put you in danger of getting electrocuted on sparks.

If you don’t have an earth clamp for welding, there’s a great likelihood that you may become the ground. 

Therefore, the current can pass through you instead of through the clamps and cause electrocution! 

There’s no need to worry about the consequences; however, it’s unwise to take the chance. We’ve said this.

Types of Welding Clamps & Which One You Should Get

During the welding process, it is necessary that you hold the metal pieces or sheets steady. 

If you don’t hold steadily, you could end up with crooked bonds or worse still, be burned by the welding torch. Welders need to use clamps in order to avoid this from happening.

The clamps can ensure the pieces are steady while protecting the welder. In order for any welding project, regardless of how large or small it may be, welding clamps are a crucial component. In this case, it is usually better to use them than to risk not having them at all.

Dimide Clamp

Dimide Clamp

The clamp can be used for a wide variety of metalworking and welding projects. This is a great choice for high torque applications due to its design. A variety of tools can be used with it due to its anti-slip properties and its completely adjustable features.


Known as Bar Clamps, these clamps are designed for clamping down thicker metal sheets, as they have a wide opening. With this tool, you will not only be able to do metalworking and welding, but you can perform woodworking as well.


In terms of performance, this clamp is similar to the F-clamp, but its opening is smaller. These include double anvils, quick releases, copper coated, and deep reaches. When it comes to preventing welding spatter from building up, the copper coated C-clamp is unsurpassed.

Locking Clamps

Locking Clamps

This type of clamp is popular with welders. Many people prefer it because of how quickly metals can be clamped. You can also attach it with one hand, which is perfect for welding.

Sheet Metal Clamp

Sheet Metal Clamp

With this type of clamp, you can clamp down a larger surface area when working with sheet metal. Moreover, it can be operated one-handed and clamps materials more speedily.

Kant-Twist Clamp. Not only is this suitable for welding, but it is also suitable for those who work with machines. Its parallel jaws can hold more load. When you’re looking for something that won’t move, it keeps the jaws in place.

What should you look for before Buying the Best Welding Ground Clamp?

Before you go to your local hardware store to pick up ground clamps, There are some things to consider about the clamp. 

These essential points are likely to be vital in helping you decide which is better than the other and why ?

Wiring and Amp Capacity

If your device is a 200 amp unit and the flow is 200 amp, it requires at least. Two cables or greater. Therefore, select your amp’s variation according to.

Note the length of the cable that is connected to our ground clamp. 

A cable that has a large cross-sectional area is the best choice. However, you can work with shorter cables, too. 

Spring Strength

It is the strength of the spring that determines how well the clamp will be able to attach to the metalwork. 

The stronger it grips, the better more secure the circuit will be. But, the spring that is too strong can damage your hand.

Jaw Opening

Check the jaws of every clamp before purchasing. Be aware of the size of your workpiece in mind when doing this. Choose a clamp with a jaw width close to the same thickness as the metal workpiece.

Attachment Style

What is the method of connecting the cable to the clamp? Does it have a screw-in or bolt-in one? Does it include the relief holes to the copper wire? These answers will directly impact your clamp’s output.

POC Area

According to terminology for hardware, POC refers to the “point of contact.” It’s the clamp area that is in contact with the workpiece

A larger POC area means a more secure grip, which results in an improved circuit flow. You should consider purchasing the curvature POC clamps for objects that are rounded.

Best Welding Ground Clamp Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the most effective ground clamps for welding:

1. What Is The Ideal Location To Place The Ground Clamp?

The best place to set an earth clamp is at the foundation you work. The best location is typically close to the area where you’re welding. Be sure to do not clamp it to any object that is leaning against a wall.

2. Are There Any Dangers With Using A Clamp For Ground?

Any welding task has a moderate risk if you aren’t sure of the procedure you’re using. Be sure to work in a place that’s not well ventilated and that the area you’re working in is pre-heated to allow you to weld.

3. What Are The Best Welding Safety Equipment? Do They Need To Be There?

A safe and secure work environment is the most important necessity for welding. It could limit your mobility, but make sure to wear a welding helmet and lenses, welding gloves, and a jacket.

4. Do I Have The Ability To Alter The Mechanical Workings Of My Clamp?

If you’re skilled enough and have the know-how, you can take off the work at the expense of a canceled warranty. But, we don’t recommend structural work. Instead, buy a new one that is more suitable for you.

5. What Is The Term “Ground Clamp?

This is a vital question as the term “ground clamp” is not the way it is described. The ground clamp isn’t the earthing or grounding part of the electrical circuit. It is more of a neutral wire connecting to the electrical circuit you are welding.

6. Do You Require A Ground Clamp While Welding?

The name may make it appear unimportant to someone who hasn’t been welded. Since the grounding clamp’s function is not the circuit element that connects physically to the ground. 

The grounding clamp is the neutral portion of the circuit, without which the circuit cannot be completed. Therefore, without grounding, it is impossible to weld even.

7. What kind of clamp for welding do welders utilize?

Numerous types of welding clamps can be used for different welding requirements. Here are the most well-known of the mall-

  • Large Jaw Sheet Metal Clamps
  • Locking Clamp
  • Magnetic Clamp
  • Divide Clamp
  • F-Clamps
  • Pipe Clamp
  • Kant-Twist Clamp
  • Bench Clamp
  • Edge Clamp
  • Table Clamp

8. How do you make use of a ground clamp for welding?

Before you begin, be sure that the cable is secure with the bolt and nut of the clamp. The cable shouldn’t have any tension following that relief hole.

You can then connect it to the workpiece or the plate you’re working on. Make sure to clamp it as close to the welding area. 

Ensure that you have a solid connection and no issue with the clamp, such as corrosion, rust, or lose springs. Also, the welding type may affect the method you use your clamps.

9. How Can You Create An Effective Welding Ground?

The first step in establishing the best ground is to buy an appropriate grounding clamp suitable to the welding style you prefer. The next question is, where should you place the ground clamp during welding?

Connecting directly to the workpiece is the ideal method. If you’re putting it on your table, you should clamp it as close to the workpiece. Make sure it’s not leaning against any wall. I’m sure now you know where ground clamps go during welding.

10. Does The Clamp On The Ground Have A Positive Or Negative?

Ground clamps for welding are negative and positive, depending on the welding method.

11. Brass Ground Clamps Are Superior To Steel?

Brass is the most effective material to use for welding ground clamps. A ground clamp made of copper is the most effective with electrical conductivity. Brass is an alloy made of copper, which conducts at 70%-85% efficiency based on the alloy’s structure.

12. What Is The Best Way To Repair A Ground Clamp For Welding?

The replacement of the clamp isn’t a major issue. All you need to do is remove the cable lug that holds the grounding cable and then pull out the cable from the cable hole in the handle. Then, you can reverse the process by using the new clamp. The process may be different between different welding ground clamps.

13. What Is The Welding Ground Clamp Composed Of?

Grounding clamps are usually constructed from copper alloys. However, the tool’s clamp handles and other parts can be made from steel or other types of metals and rubber or another form of non-conductive material for a cover.


We believe that this US Forge Welding Ground Clamp is the most effective all-around, and with 300 amps, it’s capable of most tasks that aren’t done in the pipeline or railyard.

If you work in a shipyard or mines or at a mine, you’ll need the Hobart T-Style Ground Clamp is the best choice for you. It has 400 amps of power and solid brass construction.

For beginner workshops and at-home workshops, both the Lincoln Electric KH525 and the Forney 54410 welding ground clamp are top-quality inexpensive alternatives, with 300 amps of power that last for a long time and ensure your safety.

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