Best TIG Welding Gloves 2024-Top Picks , Reviews & Guide

Lincoln Electric K2983
Lincoln Electric K2983
  • Extra thumb patch
  • Trapezoidal thumb shape
  • Reinforced finger
  • Sewn with Kevlar
  • Cutting proof
Endura TIG welding gloves
Endura TIG welding gloves
  • Good cuff length
  • External material: goatskin
  • Kevlar lining
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Cowhide cuffs
  • Cut resistant
  • Heat resistant all over and direct touch
Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff,
Caiman White Goatskin, Long Cuff,
  • Long split leather cuffs
  • Cut resistant
  • Incredible feeling
  • Very accessible
  • Quality construction

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Welding without the best welding gloves is hazardous. When you are welding, you work in extreme temperatures, so protect your hand from sparks, UV rays, sharp edges, molten metal, electrical hazards, heat, flames and more.

Welding with the wrong type of glove is also dangerous. Maybe you have gardening gloves that fit and protect you in the yard you’re considering using; well, no! Welding gloves must withstand extreme temperatures.

We have chosen the best TIG welding gloves made from the best quality materials adapted to different applications.

Check out the reviews below to quickly gain insight into the best TIG welding gloves for any welding application, and check out the buyer’s guide below.

Best TIG Welding Gloves



TIG welders prefer goatskin or another thin, flexible material. Gloves provide much-needed movement that enables precise welding with TIG torches.

This is because the process produces more minor splash, which means that TIG gloves do not offer protection against hot processes such as MIG, which generates many splashes.

TIG gloves are designed with extra padding around the palm and even outside the hand. The extra padding helps fingers rest next to hot surfaces. TIG gloves are designed so that they can be easily removed if it is too hot.

All you need to know in advance is that Velcro gloves are sometimes impossible to extract. This is very disadvantageous if you want to take the gloves off quickly because of excess heat. You should consider a heat resistant wool or kevlar foam liner for added protection.

Lincoln Electric K2983 – Premium TIG Welding Gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

Lincoln Electric K2983 Premium TIG Welding Gloves are famous because of the dexterity feel. The seams are shaped and positioned to enhance individual hand movements in different directions.

Product Highlights :

  • This includes a “trapezoid” thumb shape, which allows you to move your thumb in a full circle, reaching all angles and achieving maximum reach.
  • Lincoln has a cotton liner in the top half of the glove to protect the hand’s back from excess heat.
  • The palm is padded and contains an extra layer of leather to improve protection despite the lack of a lining on the bottom.
  • The liner is a painful point for many users, some of whom had to remove the liner by hand after extended use.
  • The only other major complaint from most users was that they occasionally had trouble sewing their thumb and index finger.

These gloves have excellent protection and dexterity. You can feel the filler bar quickly, and these gloves have a 10cm cuff to protect them from sparks and dirt. Large and extra-large sizes allow you to find a fit that suits your TIG welding style.

  • Extra thumb patch
  • Trapezoidal thumb shape
  • Reinforced finger
  • Sewn with Kevlar
  • Cutting proof
  • The liner sometimes comes off
  • Not very heat resistant

Endura TIG welding gloves – made of goatskin

Best TIG Welding Glove

Superior’s high-performance 370GFKL Precision Arc Gloves are among the few kits available that can touch hot steel for a significant amount of time without burning it while still being manoeuvrable enough to perform successful TIG welding.

Product Highlights :

  • These are not the most comfortable gloves to wear, but they provide enough feel and movement to feed and manoeuvre the torch with precision properly.
  • They have long cowhide cuffs for added security and are cut resistant, making them ideal for handling stainless steel sheets.
  • They are quality gloves, and we recommend them second for welders who want a little more thermal protection than most TIG gloves offer.
  • Good cuff length
  • External material: goatskin
  • Kevlar lining
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Cowhide cuffs
  • Cut resistant
  • Heat resistant all over and direct touch
  • Moderately useful
  • Easy to get dirty

White Goatskin Caiman TIG Welding Gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

White Goatskin Caiman 1600 TIG Gloves are inexpensive and robust enough to use in the shop, but they are designed for TIG welding.

Product Highlights :

  • That means you can’t really use them for any kind of heavy lifting, and you really have to limit yourself to wearing them only while welding.
  • That is not a hit to the glove itself, but a fact with many welding gloves.
  • TIG requires a certain feel and dexterity. By nature, any thin enough glove to give you the feeling you need and flexible enough to handle the torch and shaft is not great for re-stacking metal inventory.
  • Fortunately, this pair of gloves is so cheap that you can afford another pair of heavy-duty gloves and have them on hand.
  • These Caiman 1600 goatskin gloves will work great for their intended purpose.

There are some user reports of poor sewing, and some users complain of a seam running through the centre of the index finger. This seam can interfere with your sense of the welding process.

  • Long split leather cuffs
  • Cut resistant
  • Incredible feeling
  • Very accessible
  • Quality construction
  • Not suitable for warm touches.
  • Sewing in the middle of the index finger

RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

RAPICCA is a world-leading brand offering a wide range of hand protection solutions. Their Leather Forge welding gloves are made from fire retardant and thermal split leather.

Product Highlights :

  • They are the only brand to offer double reinforced Kevlar padding on the palms, fingers, elbows and back.
  • All of these components are sewn with Kevlar stitching, making this glove design one of the most heat resistant on the market.
  • They can protect against extreme heat, reaching temperatures up to 932 ° F or 500 ° C. Besides, the extra-long 16-inch gloves protect your hands and forearms from dangerous heat.
  • The reinforced Kevlar padding on the back also protects your hands and arms from flames, splashes and sparks, providing additional resistance to heat.
  • The insulated liner is also fire resistant. It is made from a composite product by laminating some kind of heat resistant aluminium foil and flame retardant cotton cloth.
  • The result is a flame-resistant, cushioned inner layer.
  • These gloves are not designed for prolonged direct contact with hot metal cookware or hot cooking grates.

You should not make contact with the scorching material, not more than 15 seconds. Maintenance is easy – just wipe them with a clean cloth and hang them to dry. Do not machine wash or soak.

  • Perfect for a variety of applications
  • The padded and insulated inner lining
  • Extra-long to protect the forearm
  • Provides complete protection at lower temperatures
  • Large size allows for easy removal
  • Only available in one size

Miller Arc Armor TIG welding glove

Best TIG Welding Glove

Miller Arc Armor TIG welding gloves are known for their innovative design and quality construction. These gloves live up to Miller’s reputation.

Product Highlights :

  • Users praise the agility and overall sensitivity of these gloves for the purpose they were designed for, TIG welding only.
  • You cannot use these gloves to grind, move heavy objects or handle anything scorching.
  • Miller created them for one thing only: TIG welding. They sacrifice robustness for good TIG rod and torch control.
  • These gloves are made from top quality kevlar stitched goatskin and made with a triple padded palm.
  • They are well made, and users rave about the fit and TIG flashlight power while wearing these gloves.

These TIG welding gloves by Miller are not coated. More expensive than others in their class, these gloves do not offer the same level of heat protection or the ability to tackle other retail jobs, but they are unmatched when doing what they were made for.

  • Excellent fit
  • Very flexible
  • Miller quality
  • Fingers do not shrink
  • A greater sense of feeling
  • TIG only, not for labour
  • No internal lining

NKTM leather welding gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

NKTM welding gloves are heat resistant gloves, and it is one of the most versatile pair of gloves.

However, the best thing about these NKTM gloves is that they can be used as safety gloves, camping gloves, gardening gloves and much more besides TIG welding gloves.

While they offer excellent heat resistance, it is not recommended to touch an extremely hot object for too long with these gloves.

Best Welding Gloves – Infographic Review

When exposed for a long time, they become hot and can cause burns to the hands. That’s the case with most welding gloves – they’re not made to be indestructible, just challenging.

  • This line of welding gloves has a reinforced shield on the back of each hand for extra protection.
  • Besides, there is a double leather layer on the fingers and palms for better protection against heat.
  • The interior also features a soft, sweat-wicking cotton lining and double canvas cuffs for added comfort and heat resistance.
  • Maintenance of these gloves is easy. All you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth inside and out and hang them to dry.

Do not soak; put them in the washing machine, or use an iron or any other method to dry them.

  • Suitable for many applications
  • Flexible and manoeuvrable
  • Protection of the cuff against dangerous objects
  • Cotton and canvas lining wicks away sweat
  • Reinforced palm pads
  • Threading tends to loosen

Ironclad TIG welding gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

The Ironclad welding glove is designed for stick and MIG welding. Made for the professional, they feature a goat leather main body with moose skin on the top.

Product Highlights :

  • A stitched calf leather filling reinforces the palm. They run almost to the elbow with 25 cm long cuffs and have a full cotton duck lining.
  • Ironclad designed the fit of this glove with a 16-point system for better fit and function.
  • Because this particular design is intended for use with the welding arc process, you may prefer more touch than the Ironclad welding glove.
  • When handling the welding rod used in TIG welding, you will encounter high temperatures working near the weld.
  • Many users found these gloves to transmit too much heat when working near the weld.
  • Others felt they were too rigid to manipulate the TIG torches and rods effectively.
  • Users loved the extra-long leather cuffs and cotton lining.

Many praised the fit and comfort. Some homeowners use their Ironclad TIG welding gloves for other tasks, such as fueling the wood stove, gardening, or making ceramic crafts.

  • Foam insulation
  • Straight thumb
  • Foam insulation
  • Reinforced cowhide
  • 16-point mounting
  • Fingers do not protect properly
  • Sewing problems on the palm

Revco BSX Black Stallion GM1510 TIG Welding Glove

Best TIG Welding Glove

You must be 100 per cent confident that this BSX Black Stallion MIG / TIG welding glove will provide you with the ultimate solution for your TIG welding needs.

Product Highlights :

  • Made from soft yet high-quality goatskin, I am confident that this pair can give me with the ultimate solution for the lightweight protection a glove wearer should demand.
  • One thing that most satisfies the user of this glove is the overall quality. It’s built to be strong, giving it the opportunity to withstand a lot of use and abuse.
  • You can even enjoy it for a longer or more extended period.
  • It is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. You can even wear it for at least 8 hours without worrying that your hands will hurt after a while.
  • Another benefit I found using this pair is the excellent trigger control. I immediately felt this due to the seamless, integrated index finger.
  • Customers are satisfied with the additional thermal protection it offers, thanks to the padded palm, enabling this benefit.
  • Using the Kevlar stitching, I also realized how effective the glove is in delivering what it promises regarding abrasion and spark resistance.

The built-in padded drag patch is a big plus, too, providing more coverage for hot areas. The flexibility of this welding glove is also undeniable. It is flexible enough that even people with arthritis in their hands can easily use it.

  • Provides lightweight protection
  • Can withstand a lot of abuse
  • It comes with a padded palm for added protection against heat.
  • Wear and spark resistant
  • Flexible

Tillman 25BL Pearl Premium Unlined TIG Welding Gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

The following product on the list is the Tillman Large Pearl Unlined Premium TIG Welding Glove.

Product Highlights :

  • A notable quality of this welding glove is its lightweight. It is a premium quality glove, light enough that you can use and handle it without problems.
  • Customers love that this glove is sewn with Kevlar thread. This is because this specific thread gives the gloves more resistance.
  • Besides, it is of great help to improve the feeling of wearing gloves. It is also a great help to extend life.
  • The glove has a straight thumb and is made of split deerskin, making it as resistant as possible.
  • The good thing about this leather material is that it also significantly improves the dexterity of the glove.
  • It also offers enhanced protection and grip thanks to the 4-inch cuff.

The lightness of this glove promotes ease of handling. It is one of the most comfortable TIG welding gloves that you can use as it adapts very well to your hands.

Besides, it shows its incredible sensitivity, which makes it perfect for TIG welding.

  • Lightweight and premium
  • Solid and resistant thanks to the used Kevlar thread
  • Durable
  • It offers more than enough talent and protection
  • Easy to manipulate
  • It tends to feel slippery when handling the filler bar

West Chester IRON CAT 6141 TIG welding gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

The following product you will see here is West Chester’s Ironcat TIG Gloves. One thing that you should find really remarkable about this glove is that it uses leather, which is durable and soft.

Product Highlights :

  • It is highly stable in that it can be used in various industries and environments such as shipyards, automobiles, torches, gas welding, fabrication and steel mills.
  • The leather used is also soft enough to optimize comfort and agility for all users. This makes manoeuvring through different industries easy.
  • Another striking feature of this glove is protection. It uses Kevlar thread, which helps protect the glove seams from sparks and heat.
  • This is one of the extended coverage welding gloves. It is possible with the help of the extended cuff, which works by ultimately protecting the forearms and hands from burns.
  • It optimizes grip thanks to the use of the straight thumb style.
  • This welding glove is puncture and wears resistant. Provides superior talent and fit, which is essential if you are involved in TIG welding.

I can also say that it is a nice pair of gloves with a cool style. The leather used is also known for its good quality.

  • It can be used in a variety of industries and applications.
  • Comfortable with sufficient dexterity
  • It can protect the seams from sparks and heat.
  • Offers protection against burns thanks to the extended cuff
  • It is resistant to punctures and wears.
  • The edges are pretty rough

TIG Premium Black Stallion BSX welding gloves

Best TIG Welding Glove

The Black Stallion BSX Premium TIG Welding Glove is another product that we would like to recommend to all welders looking for a reliable pair.

Product Highlights :

  • What customers love about this pair is that its use is not just limited to TIG welding. You will also find it versatile because you can use it in both MIG and arc welding.
  • It is made of high-quality leather material with the right thickness, a great help if you want to get the proper thermal insulation during welding.
  • The large integrated cuffs on this glove are also a great feature. This is because they help prevent the burning of your hands.
  • It also works to make the gloves last as long as possible. Another valuable benefit of this welding glove is the drag patch, as it has extra padding on the palms.
  • This improves not only the comfort of the gloves but also their ability to provide protection.
  • Another positive benefit that I can get from this glove is its robustness. This is caused by Kevlar stitching added to the pressure points.
  • When it comes to agility, you won’t have any complaints about this product. It’s because it offers a great deal of agility when wearing soft-grain pigskin leather on all three fingers.

It is very well designed. Plus, it has the right amount of thickness and protection in all the right places. It’s also thin and flexible enough where these features are needed most.

  • Very versatile and reliable
  • Durable and robust
  • Comfortable and protective
  • It offers a great deal of talent
  • Protect your hands from burns.
  • A bit bulky

Best TIG Welding Gloves – BUYING GUIDE

Best TIG Welding Gloves

TIG welding gloves are different from MIG welding gloves in many respects, but they serve the same purpose of protecting your hands and providing the ability to manipulate welding objects.

The following list highlights the main points to consider when purchasing TIG gloves.


Kevlar stitching is one of the main characteristics of welding gloves. Kevlar yarn is heat resistant and much more substantial than cotton.

If you are welding and sparks fly, your seams should be heat resistant as the seams will burn, and the gloves will tear and fall apart.

Kelvar seams can withstand high temperatures, so your gloves are more durable and last longer. Ribbed fingers also help protect seams and provide added durability.


Best TIG Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are lined with different materials. Gloves with a cotton lining offer more talent than a wool lining but less resistance to heat. Fleece is comfortable, but it can be difficult to remove if your hands get sweaty.


The size of the cuff is important because you want to keep your arms protected from the bow. You can even pair the extra-long cuffed gloves with a T-shirt. The longer the glove, the more protection you get for your wrist and forearms.

Heat protection

The ability of TIG gloves to withstand heat is not as critical as a novice welder might think. They are supposed to protect you from arc rays and welding temperatures, but sensitive touch is an essential element for these gloves, making protection against heatless feasible.

Some gloves provide better protection than others, and cheap quality gloves cannot withstand heat long enough to last or protect your hands.

Gloves that can withstand heat while delivering plenty of feel and movement are what to look for, which usually comes at a higher price.


Man with welding helmet welding steel

TIG gloves generally don’t last as long as MIG gloves because they need to be thin, but there is a difference in durability between high-quality and poor-quality gloves. Gloves with extra padding in places that do not affect the glove’s excellent feel and fine texture last longer.

The type of gloves sewn together also makes a difference in their durability. If there are seams that you often rub metal on, they will quickly wear and tear.

Seamless fingers are a great option to avoid this. Kevlar seams are superior to other types of seams, and you want the overall manufacturing process to be thorough, not to join some materials quickly.

This quality will make a difference. It costs a bit more, but the gloves last longer and save you money in the end.

Wire and thread

Welding Illustration

Check the wire and stitches on your chosen TIG welding gloves. Make sure the stitches are not only robust but also heat resistant. In this case, you may want to opt for gloves that use Kevlar thread.

The great thing about Kevlar is that it is not only strong but also very resistant to heat.

It is also beneficial because, in addition to not melting as quickly, it also stretches less. It is also firmer and, at the same time, resistant to abrasion.

Life span

A fantastic pair of TIG welding gloves is also one with long service life. Keep in mind that glove life changes dramatically based on the amount of welding you do.

  • Glove life can also be affected by daily wear and tear. This happens from wear and tear and heat.
  • If you find that your welding gloves wear out faster than you initially expected, the best thing to do is look for a high-quality pair. If possible, look for gloves made of sturdy leather, such as goat leather.
  • You should also have Kevlar stitched into the seams as this can reinforce the construction and significantly extend its life.

Practical feel

The word “dexterity” is commonly used in welding, which means that the gloves provide a sensitive touch in unrestricted movement. You want TIG gloves to feel like they are not around you while protecting your hands at the same time.

The mastery level should not compromise the protection of the gloves, but TIG gloves should strike a good balance between a sensible sense of freedom and security.


Covering your gloves is essential to protect yourself from burns, but it also depends on your doing. Some TIG welders like shorter gloves with straps to keep them snug.

  • These have minimal coverage, but those who use them are generally safe welders who are not at risk of burning their arms due to their skill and sometimes the type of welding they do.
  • Unless this is the case for you, you should buy gloves that provide approximately 4 inches of cuff protection to ensure you don’t burn your forearms while welding.
  • They are a little less agile to transport but do an excellent job of protection and are designed for both novice and advanced welders.


While the primary risk welders face is burning their hands, it is not the only risk. Another common accident they encounter is cutting and scratching when handling metal parts.

  • While these cuts may not appear to be deep in the skin, they can quickly become infected.
  • This eventually leads to further complications and damage. Often, it can result in a person being unable to weld for a long time, let alone perform basic operations and tasks.
  • It is essential to note that wearing the suitable welding gloves can make a difference in your welding experience.
  • Welding gloves affect your ability, speed and, of course, safety.
  • Gloves made from leather, either pigskin or cowhide, are the most effective at preventing cuts and punctures.
  • These gloves are divided into several layers that guarantee safety during work at all times.
  • Many welders prefer top grain leather because it is of high quality and allows more movement and control while working.

There is also the option to purchase split leather gloves that are much thicker and offer even more protection without sacrificing freedom of movement.

How does it work?

Man with welding helmet welding steel

The best TIG welding gloves can be expected to work by ensuring that they are made to meet two essential factors:

Sensitivity to Touch and Protection.

Touch sensitivity is necessary for TIG gloves to work as the entire welding process requires coordination and a light touch.

In that case, you need gloves that fit correctly. This is crucial in TIG welding as it supports proper hand movement. In this case, also look for gloves based on leather material.

You must use this material for TIG welding to stand the heat without catching fire so quickly.

Make sure to look for gloves that use leather that is soft to the touch, such as deerskin or pigskin.

To work, suitable TIG gloves need to be thin enough to provide enough skill while still having the right thickness to protect you from the heat fully.

If you find that you need an occasional break from welding a line due to heat build-up, you may need to invest in a new pair of gloves. A welding glove with Kevlar lining is also a great option.

This is because Kevlar is known not only for its heat resistance but also for its manageable size. It does not add bulk to the glove.

Besides, this type of coating is cut-resistant, which is a great help when you have to deal with sharp metals. TIG gloves can also work well if they have a high degree of heat resistance.

In this case, you may want to look for a glove that also comes with a Nomex liner, as it is an excellent help in insulating your hands from heat.

Nomex’s significant advantage is that it is flame retardant, so it will not melt or drip when exposed to direct heat or fire.



Welding gloves are usually made from a mixture of leather and flame retardant fabric. You have to decide what level of protection you need for your hands.

The higher the temperature at which your application is made, the better the insulation you will need on your glove.

Different leathers have different properties, such as their flexibility, resistance to heat and oil, and whether they feel smooth or rough?

Full-grain leather is generally soft and shiny, while split leather (suede) is rough to the touch and thicker.

Side-split cowhide, elk skin, and thick deerskin are excellent for protection against high temperatures. Moose is naturally more heat resistant than cowhide.


Cowhide is the most common type of leather used in welding gloves. This is because it is strong, durable, heat and fire-resistant. It’s comfortable and offers a lot of insulation, but it doesn’t provide as much talent, so it’s not the best choice for TIG gloves.


Pigskin is a firm and flexible skin. It is very oil-resistant, fast drying and weather resistant. Pigskin is a more refined leather and therefore does not offer maximum heat resistance.


Goatskin gloves are a popular choice for TIG welding gloves due to their superior talent that aids in welding rod delivery and durability. They are comfortable, flexible and lightweight, but still offer oil and weather resistance and adequate insulation.

Moose skin

Elkskin is the most heat, flame and abrasion-resistant leather, which is durable and comfortable. This makes them the best choice for welds that produce the most heat and require the best heat protection level.


The deerskin provides a very comfortable fit and a lot of talent. Like goatskin, they are used primarily for TIG welding gloves. The thick deerskin offers good protection against heat and conforms to your hand over time for comfort.

Best Tig Welding Gloves – ( FAQs)

Are TIG welding gloves heat resistant? What temperature are these gloves suitable for?

Yes. Keep in mind that while TIG welding doesn’t expose you to as much heat as the other types of welding, you still need some protection for it.

This is the main reason why TIG welding gloves remain heat resistant and protect your hands and arms from extreme heat and sparks.

Most heat resistant TIG gloves, especially those made from Kevlar, can withstand even extreme temperatures, even those with a maximum temperature of 800 degrees F.

How to choose the correct size of TIG welding gloves?

Choosing TIG gloves’ correct size is essential if you want to experience the most comfort during your welding job.

  • Measure your hand to get the proper fit.
  • The best way to do this is to accurately measure your dominant hand with a soft cloth tape measure.
  • If the glove you want to purchase is available in numbered sizes, you can easily correlate the measured inch directly with the indicated numbered size.

For example, if your size is 7 inches, you should look for a pair of size seven gloves.

  • Some brands also offer a size chart that you can choose from to determine the right size for you.
  • You can refer to it to make sure you get the correct and correct size.
  • You can also find the right size of welding gloves by measuring the length of your fingers.
  • You can do this by starting your measurement from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

One of the reasons you need to get the correct size and fit welding gloves is that it is key to providing you with adequate coverage in terms of protection and comfort.

Do I need a thermal TIG finger protector?

You need this protector because you can place it right next to the weld while it glides on smoothly.

With the help of this shield, you don’t have to sacrifice your fingers, as they have a lower risk of burns.

If you are interested in investing in a thermal TIG finger guard, you may want to get this particular product from Welding Tips & Tricks.

An impressive advantage of this shield is that it is pocket-sized and rugged in design.

  • This makes it suitable for all types of TIG work. It is compatible with all industrial and hobby welders.
  • Another great advantage is that it can extend the life of your chosen TIG glove.
  • It even reduces the risk of burning your fingers in your daily task.
  • This product is designed to improve your resting on a workpiece without the risk of burns from heated metal.

You can use it to glide smoothly on hot metals. You can even do it without sacrificing your fingers.

When to wear TIG welding gloves?

It is the perfect choice if you plan to look for more precision and if you need to perform structural welding tasks.

Gloves are also ideal for those who need to do clean, accurate counts, those who need less or no smoothing or polishing.

It is intended for highly technical welding and a wide variety of metals, especially stainless steel and aluminium.

  • It is the best torque for welding jobs that produce the least amount of heat but requires high sensitivity to touch.
  • You also need it for its durability and dexterity.
  • If you need to do heavy-duty welding, it is best to look for gloves with patches on your palms and fingertips.
  • These patches can make the gloves last longer.

However, you must ensure that the extra patches do not adversely affect your dexterity.

Where to buy TIG welding gloves?

The great thing about TIG welding gloves is that you can now reach them in different places. This means that there are plenty of classes, both online and offline, where you can buy a high-quality pair.

Our Verdict

Taking all these factors together and compared to the cost and overall durability, we chose Lincoln Electric’s K2983 Premium TIG Welding Gloves as the best TIG Welding Gloves because they offer lightness, high abrasion resistance, excellent agility and good heat protection.

Miller Arc welding gloves also offer excellent dexterity and good abrasion resistance at a comparable price.

Armoured gloves provide flawless coverage with a 10-inch cuff and represent a good budget option but at the expense of lower overall quality and lower levels of heat resistance and durability.

Buy carefully, and your fingers will thank you for your wise choice.

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