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It may not seem like a lot, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 14,500 new welding jobs by the end of 2028, which is good news for welders. This suggests more companies will need welders in the future. As an alternative to having a resident welder, you can also hire a freelance welder or a mobile welding business to do the job.

It has been found that most companies prefer to hire an “as-needed” welder rather than an “in-house” one because the latter may have to be paid a salary even if they do not perform welding work throughout the month.

Alternatively, starting your own welding business and doing freelance work gives welding contractors the freedom to set their own rules. Because starting a mobile welding business will offer convenience to your customers, your revenues are likely to increase.

So how do you start a mobile welding business?

A mobile welding business prevents you from competing with other welders in the area by purchasing equipment such as a work van or truck that allows you to perform welding jobs in your area. The information provided here will help you start a mobile welding business.

How to Start a Mobile Welding Business

Mobile Welding Business: Is it for you?

First, it should be noted that starting a mobile welding company is a significant investment, as it means taking a considerable risk. If your weld breaks while working for a company, the worst thing that will happen is that you will be dismissed. 

A weld breaking with your company name backing it may bankrupt you depending on the damages you are liable for. On top of that, you may have problems getting paid, and you may be subject to complex regulatory policies regarding welding services. 

This challenge prompted me to develop a long-term game plan for the business’ financials and pay close attention to the needs and demands of the various markets.


What You Need to Know to Start a Mobile Welding Business

Many individuals and businesses cannot perform welding tasks independently and therefore require welding services from mobile engineering companies.

An enticing opportunity to start a small business is setting up a mobile welding company because, compared to opening a brick-and-mortar shop, it requires less setup. It also provides a steady revenue stream. 

Starting a mobile welding business involves getting the proper qualifications and permits, purchasing mobile equipment, purchasing a truck, and heavily promoting the business. The following are the steps to opening a portable welding business.


How to Start a Profitable Mobile Welding Business

Step 1: Obtaining the Required Qualifications and Education

The American Welding Society’s school locator can help you find the welding schools that meet your needs. If you do not know any authorized welding schools in your area, you can use society’s website to find what you need.

Step 2: Get a welding license

To become a licensed welder, you need to apply to the licensing board of your state. You will be required to complete a licensing evaluation, which will test you on things such as welding tools, welding methods, manufacturing, and restoration processes. 

For licensing forms and test information, please contact the licensing board of your state. Ensure you have a municipal building permit as well.


Step 3: Purchase the Mobile Welding Tools

The third step is to buy the necessary welding equipment. Dealerships that offer welding supplies could be an option for your purchase. However, if you want less expensive costs, you may want to consider purchasing the tools at auctions. 

The tools you’ll need include fume extractors, respirators, plasma, and air cutters, welding helmets, and most importantly, MIG and TIG welding machines. Additional safety equipment such as welding gloves, hoists, and welding pads is also required.

Step 4 – Purchase a welding truck or van

A truck or van is a critical investment for starting a mobile welding business because a vehicle enables you to transport your welding tools to the customer’s location where the welding will be done. 

Also, using a van or truck to advertise your welding business is an effective way to attract new welding customers. Simply label the vehicle with your business’s name and phone number to promote your business and land welding jobs.


Step 5: Find customers

What You Need to Know to Start a Mobile Welding Business

Having your mobile welding business vehicle labeled with your business name and phone number on it might not be enough to attract customers. You’ll also need to search locally for companies and individuals who need welders.

A better way to find welding jobs when you live in your area is to approach businesses that you know will require welders eventually, such as restaurants, welding contractors, truck stops, cooling and heating repair companies, mobile home dealers, electricians, auto parts stores, and bowling alleys. 

Send them an introduction letter that briefly describes all the services you offer to make them aware of your welding services.

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Step 6: Market Your Business

Provide magnetized business cards or other forms of advertising that customers can stick to a refrigerator or other metal adhesive. You will usually achieve a more prolonged exposure to the customer than ordinary visiting cards. 

Meeting welding customers is an excellent way to promote your business. Not only should you introduce yourself to these customers, but you should also tell them about the welding services you provide. Building a website is another way to market your welding services.

There are six basic steps that you need to follow when starting a mobile welding business. If you follow these steps, you are more likely to experience some success in your business after setting it up and beginning to provide your mobile welding services.

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What Is the Cost Of Starting A Mobile Welding Business?

What Is the Cost Of Starting A Mobile Welding Business?

A common question about starting a mobile welding business is how much it costs. The startup investment for a portable welding business amounts to $5,000. 

If you purchase a basic welder and a few essential tools to provide welding services to individuals and businesses in your area, you will need to spend this much money to start your welding business.

Creating a mobile welding business has a minimum set of costs you will need to incur. In this case, we assume you have a van or truck you can use as your business vehicle. If you don’t, you will have to factor in buying a van or truck as well.

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The Cost of a Welder

To start a mobile welding business, the first and foremost cost will be purchasing a portable welder. The cost of an excellent portable welding machine attached to a generator will range from $200 to $300.

How Much Do Welding Tools Cost?

Other vital welding costs include the cost of welding gear. These tools include wrenches, a welding helmet, hammers, welding gloves, vise grips, and a hand grinder. The price of welding gear will rise if you add additional tools.

A vehicle that carries tools and equipment around

A van or truck to transport welding equipment and tools around is perhaps the most important of all the costs you’ll encounter in setting up a mobile welding business. If you already own a van or truck, count yourself lucky.

In most cases, you will be able to convert your truck or van into a business vehicle with just a few modifications. If you do not already own a van or truck, then the cost to own one will be added to your overall startup costs.

If you have an existing truck or van, you will need around $5000 to start a mobile welding business. If you do not, you will need approximately $25,000. You need additional equipment if you wish to perform jobs that are not basic repairs.


How to Start a Profitable Mobile Welding Business

What is the Average Salary of a Mobile Welder?

Although many mobile welding companies earn money through specific welding assignments, they can also make a great deal of money by investing in long-term relationships. 

Mobile welding services provide the best opportunity for marine equipment suppliers, as marine equipment tends to rust and get damaged due to water, which means it needs a lot of services that mobile welders can provide for marine equipment.

Mobile welding businesses can also make money by improving and repairing metals. When equipment breaks down, a company calls a welding service to investigate the problem. It can also let another team handle metal repairs and manufacturing on its own.

Depending on the kind of welding work you do, you can charge in two different ways. The first way is to charge per job. The second way is to charge by the hour. Rates for welding per hour usually range from $20 to $60. 

When you begin offering welding services, you should charge $20 per hour to get customers interested. Once you become known in your area, you can charge more, perhaps even $60 per hour.

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You can expect to earn as much as $60,000 in annual profits if you are established in your area or a top welder there. Also, you can expect to earn beyond six figures if you are one of the best in your area.

First of all, you need to budget your work periods. It is suspected that poorly drawn business plans are the most significant reason for welding business failure.

Therefore, determine what products and services are affordable to you, and always put customers first. Then, only purchase welding tools and equipment when they are needed.

In addition, you will need to identify the right customers for your welding services and negotiate in person to seal the deal, whether you are trying to land a multi-billion-dollar contract or a freelance welding job.

What Is the Best Way to Market My Mobile Welder Business?

What Is the Best Way to Market My Mobile Welder Business?

When you perform welding work exceptionally well, you can spread the word about your business and get more welding jobs. If the business owner you provided welding services is satisfied with your work, they will share the news about you with others. 

Providing quality welding services to your clients is paramount if you want to increase and develop your clientele.

After launching your business, you’ll need to promote it by leaving business cards or flyers at local businesses and shops. Another way to bring publicity is to leave brochures or business cards at local nursing homes.

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In addition to generating hype about your new business, internet marketing can be used to promote it online. For instance, a website or Facebook campaign can boost your business’ exposure online. 

It is also in your interest to deliver more than what you promise to your customers to build up their loyalty. The foundation of any successful business is to show your customers that you are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their needs.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Start A Mobile Welding Business

How to Start a Profitable Mobile Welding Business

Here are three essential tips to consider in case you are thinking of starting a portable welding business.

It is difficult to run any business, but welding is a complex and sometimes dangerous role. Take your time, follow these steps, and you will succeed.

It is just a matter of sticking to it. Here are some additional tips for you.

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1. If you are starting, you may not need the best equipment.

As a beginner, you do not need to buy expensive equipment.

As you earn money, you can upgrade your equipment as the demand for your service increases. You’ll still need to start cheaply, however.

Buying cheaper things now and upgrading them later is a good strategy that will not disappoint you in the long run.

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2. It would help if you weren’t afraid to offer a low bid on jobs

First, take low-priced jobs to build your reputation and get used to working for yourself. It is easier to get accustomed to working for yourself by taking low-priced jobs first.

It would help if you built your reputation over time by doing small jobs that require little business investment. This will earn you the experience and confidence you need.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to receive better testimonials and client reviews. Those are genuinely priceless.

3. You’ve Got Odd Jobs to Do

It would help if you also took odd jobs that more prominent companies may not want to do. Large companies tend not to want to take on small jobs.

They are usually swamped with more extensive jobs, so you can step in and take those smaller jobs. In addition to gaining confidence, experience, and keeping your money coming in, taking those small jobs will increase your income potential.

Your mobile welding business can be recognized for its service in the community by doing this. 

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FAQSFrequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to starting a welding business?

You should follow a few essential steps before starting a welding business. These steps include:

  • Choosing a Name for Your Business
  • Setting up a legal entity
  • Becoming tax-registered
  • Getting a Business Bank Account and Credit Card
  • Establishing Accounting Procedures for Businesses
  • Getting the required licenses and certifications
  • The purchase of welding equipment, tools, and a truck or van (if necessary)
  • Insurance for Small Businesses
  • The Basics of Website Creation
  • Creating awareness of your company

Some steps are self-explanatory, while others may require some explanation. A DBA (doing business as), an LLC (limited liability company), or a corporation (corporation) are examples of legal entities that you can choose from to incorporate your business. Choose what works best for your business.

It is best to comply with the labor and business safety requirements and provide a Services Contract and a Certificate of Occupancy. If you pay attention to these things and follow the above guidelines, you will have no trouble starting your own mobile welding business.

How Much Do Independent Welders Earn?

Most companies pay in-house welders as much as $40 per hour, while independent welders charge between $20 to $40 per hour. Additionally, companies are willing to pay more to a mobile welding business that can provide welding services at their business location.

It is because mobile welding companies with a good reputation in the area of service can expect to earn $30 to $60 per hour for welding work. This is because welding at a fabrication shop is an inconvenience for most companies since it consumes time and costs them fuel costs.

Independent welders make money depending on how many jobs they can secure in a month or year. To do this, they must use marketing for marketing their business and making sure that the network is adequate. 

To get business outside of what your marketing efforts attract, you have to develop partnerships with contractors in your industry. This will directly impact your revenues and profits.


This article discussed everything you need to know about starting a mobile welding business. It covered the six steps you need to take, how much you can earn from mobile welding, and how to invigorate your business.

You can start a mobile welding business using the information provided above and decide the price you will need to charge for your welding services to make a profit. Taking the time to follow this guide will serve you well if you want to start a mobile welding business.

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