7 Best Stick Welders In 2024

When you’re in the market for a stick welder, selecting the right model can dramatically enhance your welding efficiency and quality. In recent years, the advancements in stick welder technology have led to a wider array of choices, which, while beneficial, can also complicate your purchasing decision. To make an informed choice, consider these crucial factors:

  • Input Voltage: Consider the input voltage when choosing a stick Arc welder. Single-phase (110/120V or 220/240V) suits household DIY, while three-phase (240V) is for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Power Output: Consider your welding needs when choosing power output. Stick welders fuse various metals; for mild steel, welding shops typically use 70-90 amps based on thickness.
  • AC or DC: Choose between AC, DC, or a combination for output current. AC is for basic welding where DC isn’t available, magnetizing metal through friction. DC is more common, starting easily, stable, smooth, and suitable for overhead or vertical welding.

Best Stick Welders: Table

  • CK Worldwide 17 Series Superflex TIG Torch
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM
  • Both HF start hand torch control
Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i
  • Dependable, reliable and rugged
  • Easy to carry & store
  • Easy, quick, reliable starts with hot start technology
  • 120V/240V input power
  • IGBT soft switch technology
  • Excellent Arc stability
  • TIG-205DS is ideal for high frequency TIG torch
  • Automatic temperature control
Best Stick Welders

Best Stick Welders Reviews 2024

PRIMEWELD TIG225X Welding Machine

Best Stick Welders

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/arc welding machine was developed for modern welders. It is suitable for both professional and amateur welders. This versatile AC / DC TIG welder can be used for a wide variety of welding projects.

It is equipped with IGBT technology, which offers an advantage over simple transformer-based welding machines. It has gained a wide following among welders because of its versatility and useful properties. It comes with a three-year guarantee, which assures you that the supplier will solve the problem at any time within the guarantee period.

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp AC / DC TIG welding machine is carefully manufactured. Some welding machines are primarily intended for hobbyists and have an absolute minimum of functions.

On the other hand, professional welding machines offer several top features and cost thousands of dollars. It isn’t easy to find a mid-range welding machine that is not very expensive yet has the essential features you need for general welding projects. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

Now you don’t have to worry about the lack of such a device. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 AC DC TIG/rod welding machine is perfect if you are looking for a welding machine that falls into the middle category. It is a reliable and well-built aluminum TIG welder that uses the latest technologies to achieve top performance. It contains all of the necessary accessories you need to get started with TIG and rod welding.



  • Lots of happy users
  • Including controller
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Stick and AC / DC TIG
  • 200 Hertz pulse rate
  • 3-year warranty


  • The foot pedal is a bit sensitive
  • Cheap regulator


Best Stick Welders

The Hobart 160i is undoubtedly one of the Hobart rod welding machines that make the most beautiful welds. It is a 160 A DC welder that can be used with a dual voltage input of 120 or 240 volts.

This welder is of the highest quality expected from Hobart welders and is exceptionally light at 15 pounds. It is exceptionally compact with dimensions of 3.4 x 7.1 x 10.5 inches, making it more than comfortable for welders to carry. Certainly, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

The construction of this welding machine is also more than extraordinary. Compared to other Hobart rod welding machines, it has a different design which is durable and of higher quality.

The Hobart Stickmate 160 machine has everything you need to make a beautiful weld. Also, it offers additional functions and technologies that will only improve your welding results. The performance is pretty good too, and the bow launch features are more than adequate.

After all, the Hobart stickmate welder’s technology has made it a requirement for other similar welders.

The built-in mechanism to regulate the infinite amperage is undoubtedly something to look forward to as it is an accurately adjustable control for the amount of heat and amperage.

It essentially allows a welder to take one amp steps for any welding application. The hot start technology is also remarkable.

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  • Dual voltage welding machine
  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Duty cycle display
  • Robust and robust
  • Hobart 5/3/1 warranty


  • Duty cycle at the bottom
  • More expensive than the average rod welder


Best Stick Welders

The YesWelder TIG-205DS is a two voltage welding machine with 120 or 240-volt input. It has 120 stick power on 140 amps, 145 amps on TIG. At 240, the stick has a 180 amp top, the TIG 205 amp.

The lower limit with TIG or Stick is 15 amps. This welder has a digital LCD (which some owners say is too high) and automatic compensation for power fluctuations.

It has a high-frequency start mode so that you can weld without waiting for the torch to heat up. It has automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations, over and under-voltage protection, and overload protection. Surely, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

This is a compact machine, and it is light. After attaching the hinges to your garden gate, you can load it into the car and take it anywhere. This makes this welder one of the safest out there.

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  • Current peak control
  • Generator friendly
  • 110V / 220V dual voltage input.
  • Multiple inverters
  • WP-17 TIG torch


  • The current display shows high
  • 120 source with 220 adapter


Best Stick Welders

The Lotos LTPDC2000D combines a 200A DC TIG welder, a 50A plasma cutter, and a 200A rod welder in one machine. It consumes 120 volts or 240 volts.

Two hundred amps are enough to weld 1/2-inch steel in one go. 15 Amp TIG is sufficient to control to ensure 24 gauge sheet metal welding.

A High-frequency, non-contact arc start is ideal for welding or cutting rusty or painted steel. Unconditionally, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

The 50-amp plasma cutting juice goes right through 1/2-inch steel. The TIG and plasma torches both have 4-meter connections for plenty of workspaces. Unfortunately, this machine does not include a TIG pedal, but one can be connected.

Some users complain about quality problems and are not satisfied with the customer service. However, these are not consistent problems. There are plenty of them to raise an eyebrow, but not enough to be a deal-killer given the 1-year warranty.

The Lotos LTPDC2000D has a built-in regulator and offers pulse width modulation that can be used to adjust the TIG bead’s width, affecting quality control and the appearance of the final product.



  • 60 percent duty cycle
  • Multiprocess machine
  • Wide current range from 15 to 200 amps
  • High-frequency arc start


  • It does not include a TIG foot pedal
  • Cheap regulator


Best Stick Welders

The Everlast PowerARC 160STH provides a balanced bundle of sweat. It has many powerful and versatile features, such as switching between TIG and rod welding.

It also comes from the manufacturer dedicated to making high quality, long-lasting products. And this machine is no exception. Moreover, it is user-friendly and offers excellent value for money.

The welder also provides ample power with a working range of 10 to 160 amps. There is a digital display on the unit that allows you to select the exact current setting for your specific project.

Another advantage of this Everlast welding machine is the design of the IGBT inverter. This ensures the excellent performance of the device.

This gives you a stable, smooth arc, automatically controlled arc power control, and an auto-adaptive warm start. Decisively, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

The Everlast PowerARC 160STH is an efficient welder that allows you to complete your welding projects quickly and easily.

It is a versatile machine that offers plenty of power and a handful of useful functions and settings for a wide variety of welding projects. Also, it is not expensive, and you get a good guarantee. A good buy if you are looking for a multifunctional welding machine for most light jobs.


  • 24 feet of the plate on 1/2-inch steel
  • Dual-purpose arc welder with TIG capability
  • Start the lifting arc
  • 8 feet electrode cable
  • The vast output from 10-180 amps


  • Cannot use a foot pedal
  • No TIG torch or controller



Best Stick Welders

The Forney Easy Weld 180 ST is a robust electrode and TIG welding machine. It’s super light, only about 14 pounds. This welder’s most inspiring feature is that it is generator friendly, making welding even more manageable when there is no power available. Don’t be fooled by the size of the welder.

This machine’s capabilities allow you to weld up to an inch of mild steel at 180 amps. The Forney Easy Weld 180 ST is made of a metal housing to strengthen the body and extend the machine’s life.

If you need even more power, don’t worry, as this unit is dual voltage, so it’s powerful enough to weld in a garage, shop, or even your yard. It is an undeniable choice for housework, household repairs, body repair shops, farm and ranch, light industry, and metal art. Conclusively, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

This welder is not one of the units with a polycarbonate shell. It even has a full metal housing that protects it from wear and tear and bad weather. The metal casing is also responsible for making it durable and sturdy.

The capabilities of this machine allow you to weld up to half mild steel at 180 amps. The Forney Easy Weld 180 ST is made of a metal housing to strengthen the body and extend the machine’s life.

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  • 18 feet of the plate on 1/2-inch steel
  • Dual-purpose arc welder with TIG capability
  • Start the lifting arc
  • The vast output from 10-180 amps


  • Not compatible with TIG footswitch
  • No TIG flashlight


Best Stick Welders

The Amico ARC160D is an affordable and lightweight arc welding machine with a digital LCD screen. This is a DC electrode welding machine with a wide output range from 20 A to 160 A. At the front is an easily adjustable current control that can be increased in steps of 20 Amps.

Some hard arc reports start with this machine, with cellulose rods reportedly being tough to start. This problem seems to rule out 6010 bars for this machine.

Users who had problems with the welder had no problems with exchanges or refunds. The inverter power makes for a very light machine that weighs only 15 kilos. Categorically, it is one of the best stick welders in 2023.

It comes with a 3-meter electrode clamp and a 3-meter ground clamp. With a height of 3 meters, you can place this welding machine almost anywhere, especially considering that the 120-volt power supply can be connected anywhere.

Amico has developed the ARC160D rod welding machine to compensate for voltage fluctuations. This well thought out feature extends the life of this welder.

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  • 3 meters of cable on the electrode and the work surface
  • The arc control corrects voltage fluctuations
  • It can be used with a 7500 Watt generator
  • Wide range from 20 to 160 amps
  • Current setting in 20 amp steps


  • It can be challenging to start the arc
  • I can’t run 6010 rods



Electrode arc welding machines are the most basic welding techniques. The machines are, therefore, usually durable and last a long time.

A skilled welder can produce high-quality welds at high speed that equates to any MIG welder for productivity and can even keep up with many flux core operators. And for underwater welding and fast work, they are still unmatched after more than a century of work.

Here are some of the criteria to check when purchasing an arc welder.

Type of work in progress

As with any other welder purchase, the type of job you expect to do with the welder is the most crucial consideration. Thin sheets, thin sheets, and thick sheets all have their own set of things to consider. Some welders do better with high amperage when doing heavy welding. Others are better at the lower end of the dispensing area and are more suitable for thin sheets or plates.

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What kind of environment?

If you want to use a stick welder in a manufacturing or retail setting, you need a 240-volt arc welder with a proven track record of long-lasting performance, like the Hobart Stickmate 160i arc welder. Some types of work are better suited to DC welding than AC welding. You may have any job and need a machine that can do both.

Power source input

If you only use your welder at home and don’t have to weld anything thicker than 1/4 inch steel, a 120-volt welder is cheaper, lighter, and smaller. You can more easily take it anywhere and place it in places like closets, pipes, and under the car.

However, if you need to repair shovels, field plows, or tractor-trailer wheels, you need 240 volts of power to generate enough power to weld thick parts like this one.

Output power requirements

In some ways, figuring out how to weld thick metal pieces is more straightforward than thinner material. For that broken bucket on the tractor’s front loader, you know you need almost all of the juice you can get. In these cases, you need to get your hands on a 240-volt machine that is 200 amps or more.

However, when you need to repair a rusted swashplate, adjust your home’s air conditioning ducts, or work on your project body, things get a little more challenging.

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While you would want a machine that reduces the amperage to 20 or less, arc welders that run on 240 volts generally have much more flexible and more adequate control than 120-volt welders. On the other hand, 120-volt machines typically offer lower limit current settings lower than the 240-volt arc welders.

So this may require a compromise. Would you like to use simpler 120 volts lower limits, or do you have the option of using the higher quality and more satisfactory controllability of 240-volt machines? Will a dual tension machine do the work both ways?

The Everlast PowerARC 160 STH offers a versatility of 120/240 volts and can reach up to 10 amps.

Would you like additional features?

Although we haven’t covered them in detail in this article, some stick welders offer arc welding in conjunction with another process, such as  MIG, TIG, or plasma cutting. A multiprocess machine can be the answer to your needs. It offers modern technology solutions for some tasks while maintaining the simplicity and proven performance of arc welding for other projects.

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Based on all of the considerations, including price and feature set, we selected the PrimeWeld TIG225X welder as our first choice for this guide.

This well-built machine extends its core function for arc welding to include extensive TIG processes and ensures a real workshop pleasure.

Although it has a slightly higher price range than others, this machine offers just the right mix of easy arc and durability with remarkable TIG ease of use.

The Hobart Stickmate 160i is an affordable US brand, an industrial-grade machine dedicated to the art of stick welding. The TIG-205DS from YesWelder offers TIG functions with an included foot pedal and is generator-friendly in an unbelievable price range.

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